3 Reasons Installed Stereos Are Superior

When looking into a new sound system for your home, it is wise to examine all the options.  After you have done that you’ll probably find that there are few comparisons to a professional home audio installation that links to all of your media devices.  People sometimes have the misconception that an installed system is just is just a professional level surround sound system that is strictly for getting great sound for your favorite movies.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A professionally installed sound system does give you the perfect sound to compliment any movie, but in addition it will give you great sound for your stereo, gaming systems, and even your computer system if you want.

Here are a few reasons beyond the obvious, why a professionally installed sound system is superior to your other options.

  • Cords – One of the more unsightly aspects of our modern age is the need to use cords to power and connect all of our technological wizardry.  With a professionally installed system those tangled nests of cords become a forgotten relic of ages past.  Wiring can either be hidden in walls or speakers can even be wireless.  Depending on the types of speaker you choose to use, you might not even see the source of the sounds filling your house.
  • Omnipresent Sound – The next step is running speakers throughout the house so that you can listen to your favorite tunes no matter where you need to be in the home.  It is as easy as turning on the game or your iPod on in the living room and using the independent volume control in the kitchen, study, or even on the patio to let your music follow you.  With that independent control you can turn the music on or off and control the volume in each room so that you don’t have to bother anyone else in the house.  With speaker discretely spread through your home you’ll have the perfect sound system for watching the game, having a party, or even just a romantic dinner for two with the perfect ambience music playing in the background.
  • Superior Quality for you Home Theater – Let’s be honest, the main reason for installing a state of the art sound system is so you can watch your favorite movies as they were meant to be seen.  The one downside to a surround sound system is if you go into the kitchen to cook up a batch of popcorn you have stepped out of the surround.  You can still hear the movie, but you are no longer the focus of that sound.  With an installed home sound system you can flip a switch and still get that amazing sound in the kitchen as you’re getting that snack.

Bottom line, the sound for your expensive system is not something to be trifled with.  It is best to match the amazing picture quality with equally amazing sound quality.  To get the best out of your sound system contact us to set up a consult and amaze everyone with the clarity and richness of your new sound system.