7 Awesome Bedroom Home Theater Setups

TVs are getting flatter. Sound systems and speakers are getting sleeker. Syncing your media is becoming easier. All of this means that it’s now possible to turn your bedroom into a top-of-the-line entertainment suite with its own home theater system.

Yes, we perfectly understand that some homeowners don’t need to have separate rooms for sleeping and for movie-watching. Or that some – and we’re talking here of the bachelors and apartment city dwellers – may not have enough real estate to have separate rooms in the first place. Whatever the case may be, we do advise you to take a good look at your bedroom: a place, after all, that’s just perfect for creating an excellent home theater environment.

Need some ideas and inspirations? Check out this list of seven awesome bedroom home theaters.

Why get out of bed if you have a bedroom similar to that of this Houston home? The cozy fireplace should be enough to keep you warm, while the wall-mounted plasma should keep you always entertained. (Source)

This Filipino bachelor didn’t have another room to house a home theater. So he renovated and turned his own bedroom studio into a sleek entertainment destination. The system includes speakers that feature floorstanders and a center channel. (Source)

A bedroom theater doesn’t have to look too geeky, offbeat, or control-room-of-a-space-ship-crazy. Check out this elegant setup, which features a flat-panel installation, ceiling-mounted speakers, a surround sound processor, and a (hidden) multimedia player. (Source)

This vacation rental in Gatlinburg, Tennessee features an awesome bedroom home theater, with a setup that includes an impressive 102-inch screen, a PS3, an Xbox 360, and a Nintendo Wii. (Source)

At first sight this home theater doesn’t look like it’s housed in a bedroom. But it is. This multifunctional space also serves as a library and a guest suite (complete with a sleeper couch and full bath). As a bedroom theater, it has a ceiling-mounted projector, a 103-inch screen, a set of built-in wall speakers, and theater-style seating for two. (Source)

Here’s another elegant bedroom theater setup found in a Laguna Beach, California home. If lounging in those recliner love seats doesn’t sound romantic enough, just hop onto the bed! A custom soffit holds the 123-inch screen and speakers, while a portable touch panel enables easy access to AV components and multimedia. The setup also includes a video projector, seven speakers, three subwoofers, and a TiVo receiver. (Source)

One minute, you see it; the next minute, you don’t. That’s because the home theater (which includes a 43-inch plasma) of this master bedroom has been built into the wooden cabinet that you’ll see at the foot of the bed. One press of a remote control button and the TV rises into view. (Source)