Ask Before You Buy: The Best Advice Ever When it Comes to Professional Installations

TV Installation Options

One of the most common challenges we face is one similar to what healthcare professionals face. Customers bring us in to fix a butchered attempt to set up a multimedia environment, instead of reaching out to us before committing to a purchase. For a home theatre environment to deliver the best possible audio and video, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and a professional consultation can save the homeowner thousands of dollars and significantly improve the quality and equity of their home installation.

Why ask the pro?
Most Advanced Technology: Installers stay on top of the most recent advances in home audio and video. They are able to point you to the newest innovations, reducing the time you spent in research mode.

Best-Tested Technology: Your professional installer has touched and tested hundreds of models and is able to direct you to those with the best historical performance.
Integration and Compatibility: A professional installer will help you make purchasing decisions of equipment that works seamlessly and has the highest level of compatibility.

Cost Management: Your installer can educate you about more affordable options with the same capabilities and functions. Frequently they are also privy to sale lists from numerous manufacturers and are able to extend the discount to you.

Acoustical Guidance: Your professional installer will help you make audio decisions that make sense. Their recommendations for surround sound, speakers, wireless headsets, and any other sound components will take into account the size of your home theatre room and the acoustical qualities of all the surfaces within it.

Electrical Considerations: Your professional installer can evaluate if your current wiring will be able to properly handle the power needs of your new equipment. He will also guide you through issues such as surge protection and childproofing your home theatre.

Home Automation Options: Your installer will discuss with you the potential of integrating automation with your systems. Automating your home theatre can significantly increase the enjoyment of your devices and simplify the way you access each feature. Additionally, your installer will talk to you about safety and asset protection considerations, and explore the possibility of installing high-end monitoring and alarm systems to protect your investment.

Involving a highly experienced professional installer from the early stages of your home project will save you money and will reduce the risks associated with a complex electrical installation. Don’t wait until it is too late to call them.