Beyond the Walls: Four Outdoor Home Automation Solutions that Rock

When we think about creating our ideal “smart home”, we frequently forget the importance of seamless and comfortable outdoor living. With more Americans incorporating high-end living spaces, such as fully equipped outdoor kitchens, swim-up bar pools, and living spaces with superior comfort in mind, automating your outdoor space simply makes sense. Let’s visit four awesome automation installs for the modern home:


Protect Your Outdoor Spaces
Because of increased investment in outdoor spaces (sometimes up to 40% of the value of a home), it makes sense to automate surveillance, alarms and security for your outdoor spaces. Investments such as outdoor televisions and wireless sound systems with prices ranging in the thousands are definitely worth the investment in a well-designed surveillance camera and motion sensor system. Additionally, if you are cooking outdoors, it makes complete sense to install fire and smoke sensors connected to your security company for quicker response should an emergency arise.

Manage Your Illumination
The innovations when it comes to landscape and outdoor illumination are endless. Products such as the Phillips hue™ wireless LED lighting system, LED rope lighting, and a host of lighting control systems put total control at your fingertips. Path lighting, architectural lighting, illuminated water features, and pest control, to mention a few, require effective and centralized controls to maximize electricity savings and equip you with the tools to control your ambiance without leaving the party.

Outdoor Wireless Sound Systems
Every outdoor living space needs high definition sound to enhance every occasion. Installing a wireless sound system that can be controlled from all your wireless devices such as your iPad, tablet or phone can put you in total control of the entertainment with flawless delivery.

Automate Your Rolling Shutters and Blinds
We all love outdoor living, but sometimes we need to protect our outdoor spaces against inclement weather or potential intruders. An automated and networked system that allows you to roll your shutters and blinds up and down as needed can buy you significant peace of mind and protect your valuable outdoor assets in case of hurricanes or storms. In addition to automating rollers, consider automating your blinds and shading system to respond to wireless commands or changes of the position of the sun. By ensuring your blinds allow just the right amount of illumination and heat without much hassle on your part, you can sit down and relax while your smart home takes care of all the work.

Take your home automation to the next level by exploring outdoor solutions that can increase the safety of your home, your overall comfort, and the value of your real estate. With the help of professional home automation installers (or a handy friend), you will be able to identify specific automation needs and focus on the ones that make the most sense for your home.