Say Goodbye to Your Clunky Universal Remote and Hello to App-Based Integrations

home theater iphone app

Up until a few years ago, a proper installation would include the incorporation of centralized controls via a universal remote. The remote had limitations associated with compatibility, and would usually only allow the homeowners to connect with audiovisual devices.

This type of integration completely neglected other home automation priorities such as lighting, security, air conditioning, and small appliances. Thanks to significant advances in home automation and wireless network-based integration, you can now say goodbye to your universal remote control.

The modern automated home can be fully controlled and navigated remotely via award-winning web-based apps on your phone, desktop computer, or tablet that are compatible with a variety of devices. A proper integration is one that seamlessly allows the homeowner to take control of any networked function in their home.

Here are a few scenarios where app-based and web-based access can make your life easier and better:

  • Imagine for a moment being able to check on your teenager’s activities via webcam while you are enjoying your Caribbean vacation.
  • Or, how about having your carbon monoxide sensor send an SMS directly to your phone to alert you, giving you sufficient warning to contact your dog sitter, and having the option to open your windows with a single click?
  • How about checking for locked doors after your teenage daughter leaves the house, and having the option to close them remotely?
  • Finally, think about having the option to start the crockpot from your office and having a meal freshly made as you arrive home.
  • A web-based app means the remote will never be misplaced. It also means your “remote” will be upgraded at the same time you upgrade your devices.
  • A professional app and web-based integration means access to more than one person into the home network. You, your husband or wife, your kids, and even your must trusted friend can take control of the home remotely and fix issues that would otherwise require being present.

Whether you are in the planning stages of building a new home, or you are researching upgrades for your current home, integrated web-based home automation is the way to go.

Have your professional installer spend some time with you and your family to identify the most important features of your home automation package. Your professional home automation installer will make specific recommendations in terms of what you need to integrate and which app is the best for your current needs.