The Connected Nursery: Five Home Automation Upgrades for Babies

When we think about automation for the home, we often focus a great deal on upgrades such as integrated home theatre, immersive home entertainment, and wireless remote access to our security and surveillance installation. These are all excellent and necessary upgrades for the modern home, but for those exploring fully integrated family-friendly home automation upgrades the nursery must not be forgotten.

Go beyond a theme and color scheme and make sure your baby is secure and comfortable by taking advantage of affordable and easy to use state of the art technology designed specifically for little ones.


Smart Temperature Control
While your NEST and other self-learning thermostats are only be responsive to your central sensor usually located in a hall, knowing the temperature in your baby’s room will allow you to make adjustments to their environment by adding bedding, closing or opening windows or checking for drafts. Several integrated baby monitors include temperature sensors with alarms and alerts communicating directly with your wireless devices such as iPad, iPhone and tablets. If you want to get your soldering iron out of the toolbox, you can create your own monitoring systems, using the small Arduino or Raspberry Pi computers to monitor a host of sensors.

Sound and Video Monitoring
When you first relocate your little one to the nursery, having a properly installed sound and video monitoring system that takes into account the specific needs and mobility of a little one can buy you significant peace of mind. Make sure your monitoring system is directly networked to all your devices and provides specific alerts to your security provider.

Movement and Intrusion Sensors
This installation is of particular importance if your baby is sleeping on a first floor room. Every window should have a properly installed sensor that alerts you of intruders attempting to tamper with the window and access your house. In addition to access points, consider including movement sensors in the nursery. Movement sensors can protect your child from intruders accessing the room through the main house, and can even alert you of the presence of animals such as snakes.

Carbon Monoxide Monitors
Adding a carbon monoxide monitor to your nursery could save your child’s life. This installation is a must-have, and one that makes sense in every room of your house. In the case of a nursery, you must pay special attention to the installation, taking into account the physiology of small children and the heightened risk by virtue of their inability to self-report symptoms associated with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Baby Friendly Sound System
Piping white noise or noises that mimic the womb can make a significant difference in how your baby responds to their first days in the nursery. In addition to white noise that can be controlled from wireless devices and scheduled according to the child’s sleeping pattern, you can also incorporate nursery song libraries. Having access to baby’s favorites without ever leaving the rocking chair is a favorite feature of moms enjoying the convenience of baby-friendly home automation.

Each baby and each nursery presents unique needs. Before deciding what makes sense for your baby consult with a home automation installation expert.