5 Stunning Outdoor Home Theaters

You might remember our recent post on 8 beautiful home theaters. (If you haven’t seen it, do check it out!) Well, if you feel like you’re looking for extra inspiration, here’s a new list: 5 stunning outdoor home theaters, designed by other homeowners in ways that, hopefully, will give you more ideas on what can be done at your very own home.

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Just think of what it would be like to spend your weekends poolside, watching your favorite movies or listening to your music playlist. Well, it might not get any better than this outdoor poolside cinema in Orlando, Florida. The outdoor home theater features a 300-inch screen (diagonally), 8 large all-weather rock speakers that are part of a beautifully concealed outdoor speaker system, a full rack of amps, a motorized track for raising and lowering the screen, and, of course, a pretty awesome swimming pool.

If you want to go tropical (we’re talking outdoor home theaters, after all), then you might want to take your cue from this outdoor home cinema in Victoria, Australia. The BenQ home theater projector serves as the centerpiece of this sweet, sexy setup; while a gazebo-like structure – with a few elegant pillows thrown in – adds to the coziness of the outdoor space.

Check out this outdoor home entertainment system in Reno, Nevada, designed with a double plasma setup built into a brick wall, with full surround sound system and an outdoor kitchen. It’s ideal for the family weekend barbecue, and for pretty much every other kind of home movie-viewing occasion. You won’t even have to go back inside to get the drinks and the popcorn.

Forget about drive-in theaters. How about you dive in? This beautiful outdoor home theater system in Maui, Hawaii is designed for you to do just that. By the side of the crystal blue pool is a Steward Filmscreen front projection screen, with pneumatic lifts that emerge gracefully from under a custom-made teak bench. And that’s to say nothing of the gorgeous Hawaiian backdrop of this outdoor home entertainment system.

Sometimes, elegant is all we need: elegant like this understated outdoor home theater setup with a 42-inch LCD HD screen (with light-rejection glass). The high-performance TV is complemented by home theater seating that you’d expect to see in the living room – only this time, it’s actually outdoors, designed for year-round enjoyment and lounging under the sun.

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