Firefly LEDs: Lighting an Energy-Efficient, Environment-Friendly Home

One of the most pressing challenges faced by homeowners today is energy management: in an age when homes are equipped with so many consumer electronics, devices, home systems, theater and entertainment gadgets, and digital and electronic components, how does one minimize environmental impact and take steps to achieve greater energy efficiency?

If you’re serious about answering that question – and about addressing the energy management challenge – we here at Hooked Up Installs recommend that you start with lighting.

Energy-efficient lighting

Why? Because energy-efficient lighting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your home’s energy and environmental performance. Every room in your house – including your home theater – likely relies on a form of lighting system (of fittings and fixtures) or another; lighting also probably accounts for a major percentage of your household bills.

By seeking more environment-friendly alternatives and rethinking the ways your home lighting is managed, you can put yourself in a better position to save more energy – without necessarily compensating the ways you operate at home.

Firefly LED Lighting

Recently our home automation professionals here at Hooked Up Installs came across the innovative new Firefly LED Lighting technology. Featuring a full range of smart LED light bulbs that can serve as direct replacement for incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in both residential and commercial spaces, Firefly caught our attention after illuminating new ways of integrating sustainable, energy-efficient products into one’s home.

Firefly LED light bulbs aren’t your regular LED light bulbs. They each feature a patent-pending, “Platform”-based modular design that serves as the backbone of a high-efficiency lamp, and comes with a replaceable LED assembly and driver board configuration for future upgrades.


Yes, they reduce energy consumption (by as much as 66 percent), and yes, they help lower operating costs, but there is even more to Firefly LED lamps than energy management efficiency. Here are more features:

  • An interchangeable lens system – including 25, 40, and 120 degree beam angle options (change from a flood to a spot with a 5.00 lens)
  • Patent-pending heat sink technology – ensuring those lamps don’t burn out too fast!
  • A unique driver topology that allows dimming from 100 to 1 percent as well as full shutoff with the broadest possible range of dimmers on the market
  • Compatibility with standard incandescent dimmers for easy retrofit
  • Two standard color temperatures (3000 and 6300)
  • A lifespan that lasts up to 25 times longer than conventional light bulbs, including 40,000 hours of lamp life with 70 percent maintained light output
  • Rebuildable, environment-friendly design (zero mercury, zero UV, zero IR heat)
  • Drivers that can be replaced for servicing
  • A 5-year warranty

Firefly LED lamps – including the Starfly LED lamps PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38 – are available in silver, black, or custom extrusion colors. Made in the USA – with a company headquartered in Austin, Texas – Firefly LED lamps are the brightest, most energy-efficient LED lights on the market.

Need more info on Firefly LED lamps? Or looking for home lighting, home audio, or home theater professionals to help you build a greener, more efficient home? Contact Hooked Up Installs today and take the guesswork out of your system designs and home operation. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Photo credit: jev55