The Connected Nursery: Five Home Automation Upgrades for Babies

When we think about automation for the home, we often focus a great deal on upgrades such as integrated home theatre, immersive home entertainment, and wireless remote access to our security and surveillance installation. These are all excellent and necessary upgrades for the modern home, but for those exploring fully integrated family-friendly home automation upgrades…

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When it comes to Flat Screen TVs How Big is Too Big?

Television technology has been moving at an unprecedented rate delivering home theatre experiences never imagined before. The introduction of 1080p HD, UHD and 4K televisions are game-changers when it comes to the design of our home entertainment environment. In short advances in viewing and display technology allows for the image to remain clear even on…

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Acoustics for Your Home Theatre: What You Need to Know

In simple terms, acoustics is the way that sound interacts within physical boundaries. In the case of a home theatre, the boundaries are made up of walls, furnishings, window coverings, and other objects that can either reflect or absorb sound waves at different levels. As you begin to plan your home theatre you may want…

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The Golden Ratio and Home Theater Installation

  “Geometry has two great treasures: one is the Theorem of Pythagoras; the other, the division of a line into extreme and mean ratio. The first we may compare to a measure of gold; the second we may name a precious jewel.”            -Johannes Kepler, 1571-1630  Kepler’s division of line into extreme…

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3 Reasons Installed Stereos Are Superior

When looking into a new sound system for your home, it is wise to examine all the options.  After you have done that you’ll probably find that there are few comparisons to a professional home audio installation that links to all of your media devices.  People sometimes have the misconception that an installed system is just is…

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Automate Your Entertainment in Your Castle

A built in entertainment center in your home is the way to go. Your house is like a castle and you should be able to live comfortably with entertainment in every room. Anything from a home theatre, to flat screen TVs, to customized audio and lighting, will decrease boredom wherever you are in your palace….

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Product Ideas for Your Home Audio Installation

When consulting with the experts at Hooked Up Installs about your new home audio installation there will be many variables to consider. While many of these depend on the size and layout of your home there will be a time for you to decide on specific brands to fill certain needs. Here are a few…

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