Intelligent Sound Design and Home Automation Systems

As an audiophile, you want every property that you own to feel like the best place to enjoy music, (outside of a concert hall). The best way to create an environment like this is to work with an estate management firm like Hooked Up Installs, to carry out the right sound design plan for your…

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Home Automation Systems: The Jetson Era is Here

Back in the 1970’s, there was a popular cartoon called “The Jetsons.” It featured a home with complete automation and remote entry. At the beginning, as the show comes on, we see Mr. Jetson getting ready for work, jumping on some sort of conveyor belt and being whisked off to his spaceship to go to…

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Get a Smart Home with Home Automation Systems

Home automation is the process of operating various parts of the house using a remote control or other automated methods. Home automation systems use different types of equipment that might involve pressure and sensors, smoke and heat detectors as well as voice recognition. Usually, home automation equipment makes use of equipment that involves controlling telephone, lighting, security,…

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The Security Benefits of Home Automation

Until recently, home automation was a concept that people thought would only exist in movies and science-fiction novels. However, recent innovations such as the Smartphone and the tablet have made home automation not just possible, but home automation has actually become a reality for many people. Since we have lived our entire lives without the luxury of…

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Home Theaters Are Not Just For Your Basement

There’s no doubt about it– having a dedicated home theater in your home is fantastic.  It makes your house the gathering place for friends and family, and it makes you the envy of your neighbors.  Whether it’s game day or movie night, your home theater or media room is the perfect place to kick back and relax….

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Why your TV Installation should also Include Video Calibration

In order to ensure you get the clearest picture possible, your television should be calibrated by a professional. When considering TV installation, you may want to ask whether or not this service includes calibration so that you’ll be able to fully enjoy your new HDTV set. Calibration is far different from set-up, although the two terms…

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Home Automation Systems Add Value to Real Estate Investments

According to the latest trends, one of the best ways to boost your real estate holdings’ value is to install home automation systems. Of course the return on your investment will depend on several factors, including the type of system and how it was installed. When selecting a home automation system for investment purposes, there are…

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