TV Installation Tips: Choosing a Wall Mount for your Television Set

TV installation is a complex job made simpler by hiring the experts. If you’re still in the market for a new television set, visit our website to see the list of quality brand televisions, audio and speaker systems available for purchase. If you already have a television the time has come to decide on a wall mount for the centerpiece of your home theater. There are four primary methods of mounting a television on the wall; tilted, flat, swiveled and articulated.

1) Tilted: If your television set needs to be installed higher on a wall or in a specific location (such as above a mantel) the tilted mount is the ideal choice. Positioned slightly out from the wall this mount allows the television to be angled down for optimal viewing and glare reduction.

2) Flat: The most standard form of mounting and installing a television, the flat mount is ideal for plasma television sets which have the largest screens and will be remaining in a stationary, eye-level position.

3) Swivel: The swivel mount is the perfect choice for rooms with easily re-arranged seating or a wide variety of couches and chairs. Exactly as it sounds the swivel mount is installed using a mount that can be easily re-adjusted to accommodate any viewing arrangement.

4) Articulated: Proving the greatest versatility to your TV’s viewing ability, the articulated mount uses an arm bracket to allow the television a wider swivel range as well as the ability to extend out from the wall. Conveniently, when not in use, the arm folds against the back of the television, displaying your television as a flat mount!

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