Why your TV Installation should also Include Video Calibration

In order to ensure you get the clearest picture possible, your television should be calibrated by a professional. When considering TV installation, you may want to ask whether or not this service includes calibration so that you’ll be able to fully enjoy your new HDTV set.

Calibration is far different from set-up, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. Setup can be performed by a novice using only the unit’s controls, while calibration requires a special set of instruments designed to check very precise functions of the set. In order to learn how to calibrate a television properly, many technicians undergo special training courses that prepare them for this type of work.

The actual process of calibrating a television can take some time to perform correctly. During the calibration process, a technician will spend some time going through all of the set’s functions, carefully checking each one to make sure it provides a very precise look. This can involve changing the contrast, brightness and color temperature among other things.

Color temperature is very complicated, but is related to the color that is transmitted by a very hot piece of platinum. Dark blue is the hottest color, while burnt orange is the coolest. Determining color temperature with the naked eye is virtually impossible to do, but professional calibrators can easily determine this by using a special instrument.

In tweaking your color temperature, technicians strive to get your set as close to D6500, which is the standard used in the television and film industry. In doing so, your picture will be crisper, with sharper definition in color than what you could achieve by adjusting your set manually. It will also make the colors on your screen appear more realistic than they would have otherwise.

There is some evidence that would indicate a properly calibrated television would consume less energy to operate. Some even believe that it causes less strain on internal parts, thereby making it last longer. When you consider these things, it’s possible that the cost of calibration could actually pay for itself over the long haul. If you’d like to know more about how you could benefit from video calibration or professional television installation, contact us today.