Five Hot Trends in Home Theaters

Home theaters are already a hot commodity–they add tremendous value to your home, not to mention making your house the go-to destination for game day, movie night, and more.

And as with all technology, there’s always something new out.  Electronic House shares five hot trends in home theaters that will take your space to the next level.

  1. Multiple screens- Whether you want several screens to watch multiple games, or a movie projector screen that slides over a standard television for movie nights, multiple screens mean more options for your family and friends.
  2. Make it a hybrid- If you love billiards, cards, or want your room to double as playroom, consider creating a media room that serves multiple functions.  If you sell your house down the line, this will also make it attractive to a broader range of buyers.
  3. Build a network- These days, the popularity of smart TV’s, streaming TV and movies, and networked game consoles means that having strong internet connectivity in your space is a must, so a home network is crucial.
  4. Floorstanding speakers- In the past, in-wall speakers have been popular because they blend well into existing decor.  However, you can’t match the quality of floorstanding and sound bar speakers, so more and more homeowners prefer to install high-end, attractive speakers that may not blend into the wall, but deliver a much better sound experience.
  5. Projector value- A variety of high-quality 3D projectors cost half of what they did two years ago, and this trend can be seen in a wide range of home theater projects.  This makes it a great time to build the media room of your dreams, for less!

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