Intelligent Sound Design and Home Automation Systems

As an audiophile, you want every property that you own to feel like the best place to enjoy music, (outside of a concert hall). The best way to create an environment like this is to work with an estate management firm like Hooked Up Installs, to carry out the right sound design plan for your residential space.

In past years, it was very difficult to achieve perfect audio quality indoors. However, modern equipment, installed under the right conditions can now give you near perfect results. In addition to giving you push button control over music design, these intuitive home automation systems will also control the technology, computer communication, lighting, Internet  and security networks in your home as well.

When you know what you want to hear…

Hooked Up Installs’ design consultants will help translate what you want on an emotional level into machinery and systems that can genuinely give you that experience. They start with a consultation and then walk through your needs; ultimately creating a home or vacation property that is something you have always dreamed of.

Bring your property to life with light and sound, during the day or night; or secure it and put it to sleep at night or when you go on vacation, with the touch of a button. Or, create the right ambiance for every party with crystal clear music, fresh clean air and beautiful, soft natural lighting.

Choosing from the Best Home Automation Systems

Every residential property is different, so it is impossible to create a one-size fits all solution when it comes to home automation. That is why Hooked Up Installs works with the local firms along with notable international companies, for high quality, luxury system designs.

Contact us. We coordinate your sound design with all the other appropriate systems including your pools, jacuzzis, lights and HVAC systems.

We aim to exceed your expectations when it comes to your personal experience, making sure it is not only personalized and intuitive, but that it is also fluid.