Automate Your Entertainment in Your Castle

A built in entertainment center in your home is the way to go. Your house is like a castle and you should be able to live comfortably with entertainment in every room. Anything from a home theatre, to flat screen TVs, to customized audio and lighting, will decrease boredom wherever you are in your palace. Professionals, like Hooked Up Installs, can assist you with choosing the best home theatre, audio, and even television options, for you palace.

Home Theatre: Hooked Up Installs can assist you with choosing and installing the leading high definition televisions; DVD and Blu-Ray players; cable boxes; gaming systems; and the necessary audio and video components.

Audio: These days, you can connect your iPods, iPad, Android device, or computer to just about anything via a dock, but how do you integrate a docking system into your home theatre? Hooked Up Installs can help by minimizing the wiring while integrating your devices into your entertainment platform. They can also assist you with centralizing your media for streamlined accessibility.

Video: Hooked Up Installs features a premium selection of televisions. If you already own a television, they can install and connect it to the rest of your entertainment system in a way that will not create the normal wire clutter that accompanies an entertainment/home theatre system.

Once your choices have been perfected and installed, have them connected with Hooked Up Installs premier home automation systems. Gone are the days when you’d have to get up and walk around the room to turn on/off the tv, music, or even lights. Home automation systems put everything at your fingertips with a simple remote control. With the home automation system, you have the option to connect your home security system, the lighting inside or outside your home, your home theatre system, as well as your HVAC systems.

Hooked Up Installs can customize your home theatre, connect it to a home automation system, and so much more. If you’re looking to update your castle, as well as make it more efficient, contact us for more information.