Installing Your Flat Screen TV Above The Fireplace: Your Questions Answered


For many homeowners, their home configuration does not allow them to have a dedicated room to house their home theatre. Without a dedicated room, the family room is generally the place where the family will congregate to enjoy TV shows, watch videos, and relax together. Since the fireplace tends to be the focal point for many family rooms, an above-the-fireplace flat screen installation simply makes sense.

We frequently receive questions regarding this type of installation. Today we want to invite you to explore a few considerations before you move forward with your above-the-fireplace TV installation:

  • Will my TV melt, be affected by the heat, or smoke?
    No, heat and gases generated by your fireplace are directed via the flue or pipe and remain at a good distance from the wall. Smoke does not exit the contained fireplace area, keeping your TV free of smoke particles.
  • Will my fireplace be permanently damaged by the TV installation?
    No, generally the mounts are designed to be minimally invasive and do not interfere with the functional structure of your fireplace.
  • Can I still use my fireplace in the winter?
    Absolutely! A professional installation is meant to position your TV in such a way that it optimizes the usage of every feature of your house. In fact, if your fireplace is gas-operated with a remote control we can work toward consolidating your fireplace and your TV into a single control panel accessible via your cell phone, iPad, or tablet
  • I don’t want cables hanging down my fireplace. What can you do about that?
    A professional above-the-mantle TV installation often includes an electrical outlet placed right behind your TV and installed, based on current electric code for your area. As for cable connectivity, the majority of flat screen TVs now allow for a wireless integration, where your TV receives the cable transmission remotely.
  • Is it expensive to hang a TV above the fireplace?
    The prices will range based on the complexity of the job. The focus of a professional installer is to give you a flawless installation at the best possible cost.
  • What about the safety of my children and tipping issues?
    A professional installation takes into account mechanical, structural and power safety. A properly installed over-the-mantle TV should be able to withstand a household with active children. As an added advantage this type of installation places your expensive equipment away from the reach of little ones.

A professional flat screen TV installation is a simple but highly useful upgrade for the aesthetics and comfort of your home and family. Say goodbye to stands that offer minimal stability and look cluttered, and say hello to a clean and streamlined look.