Learn Why Integration Matters When It Comes to Home Automation


Home automation is about comfort, safety, and efficiency for you and your family. Every single day, new devices and technologies are launched which offer to simplify your life and enhance your level of comfort. However, for many homeowners, particularly those that are busy or less technically inclined, purchasing these devices without the direction of an integration and installation professional can become a nightmare when it comes to implementation.

The Missing Remotes
A comfort and convenience device only has value if you are indeed able to use it to improve your quality of life. In an effort to cut costs, many households purchase a myriad of home automation devices that are isolated in form and function from each other. This results in added complexity to the family dynamics and significant frustration as homeowners try to navigate through switches, remotes, and other devices. This is, of course, assuming that at any given time they can actually find the right remote for the function needed! A professional installer is able to provide homeowners sound guidance in selecting smart devices and technologies that can be operated from a single web-accessible dashboard via your phone, desktop, or tablet.

The Power Overload
Electricity must be handled with care. If you are incorporating smart technologies and new devices to your home, it is important to take into account their combined power usage. This matters, not only from the perspective of efficiency, but also to protect your home from a power overload. Adding devices to an older home sometimes requires upgrades to the circuit panel. Only an installation professional can give you an accurate evaluation to better understand what it takes to support home automation systems.

Feature Underutilization
When it comes to new technologies, underutilization is the norm. By securing the services of a home automation installer, you will be able to discuss your specific needs and objectives, and he will be able to audit your home and identify automation improvements that make sense. This means you will be matched with the right technology, no more, no less. Additionally, your home automation installer will provide you hands-on training to familiarize you with the features and functions of your new systems, resulting in better utilization and greater enjoyment of your investment

Compatibility For Optimal Performance
The secret to a family-friendly automated home is compatibility. All of your systems should be able to work together in a cohesive fashion. From the comfort of your sofa, and with just a few clicks, you should be able to manage temperature, illumination, sound feed, home security features, and multimedia. Frequently, do it yourself automation results in more work and frustration for everyone involved.

Home automation is about efficiency. Let your installer guide you in deciding what is best for you.